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Who We Are

ESAC, Inc. provides research data management, bioinformatics, and healthcare information technology solutions for government, commercial and academic clients.  Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, our mission is to play a vital role in helping clinicians, scientists and researchers across the globe improve all aspects of human health.

As a leader in research data management, healthcare IT, and bioinformatics solutions, ESAC, Inc. helps government, private industry, and educational institutions manage the intricacies of a rapidly-changing world. We are committed to delivering substantial solutions and work-products by applying our advanced technological and scientific expertise. ESAC, Inc. is dedicated to improving human health and the healthcare experience worldwide by applying our skills in the life sciences, engineering, research, and medicine.

A New Tool for Clinical Quality Improvement
Author: Chris Markle, Healthcare Analyst at ESAC, Inc. On October 20, 2016, during another great "Cooking with CQL" webinar, a new tool silently debuted. CQL Online was used a digital whiteboard...
October 25, 2016

ESAC, Inc. began its Charitable Donations program in 2010 to support organizations who contribute to improving the overall human condition and experience. Employees are encouraged to suggest charitable organizations that hold special significance to them, or that they feel are deserving of attention. Since the beginning of the program, ESAC, Inc. has given to dozens of employee-suggested charities ranging from local food banks to regional and international organizations including Cancer Support Community, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and many others. ESAC, Inc. staff have been especially fortunate to engage in hands-on activities with local charities such as The Children’s Inn at NIH, where staff participated in the Thoughtful Treasures Project.

Aligned with our mission to improve human health worldwide, ESAC, Inc. is honored to be able to contribute to the local and international community through our Charitable Donations program. A complete list of the charities we support can be found here.

ESAC continues to be an exceptional collaborator providing on-site contractors with both the expertise for building new tools and data integration platforms, and the subject matter expertise in the biosciences needed to manage projects and provide significant added value beyond the technology development.

Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics at Georgetown University Medical Center

We are quite impressed with not only by the technical skills provided by ESAC's software engineers but also by the depth and breadth of their subject matter experts who have provided guidance on standards and interoperability, quality assurance, and project management issues.


ESAC's technical savvy and personable staff provides tremendous value to projects involving multi-center coordination and high dimensional data management. They merge a fundamental understanding of biology with expertise in data quality control and data security. Integrating all of these factors is key to delivering a secure and fast data portal for the scientific community.

Program Manager

ESAC significantly improved the quality of bioinformatics applications of the NCI CBIIT program using industry best practices to ensure systems were validated both functionally and scientifically for use by the community.

Program Manager

Our Services

ESAC, Inc. provides value-added services at the juncture of biomedical science and technology. Our work force has the savvy to facilitate and contribute to projects within several domains, including program management, research data management and analysis, bioinformatics, healthcare IT, engineering, epidemiology, and translational medicine, among several others.

We also offer a full family of information technology services based on our proven experience and industry best practices.

Management, Analysis and Visualization of Big Data

Scientific Validation and Expertise for Life Science Data and Systems

Algorithms and Technologies for Precision Medicine and Scientific Research

Support for the Nationwide Health Information Exchange and Meaningful Use of EHRs

Our Work

ESAC, Inc. offers innovative solutions in the areas of Research Data Management, Healthcare IT, Bioinformatics, and Scientific Subject Matter Expertise. ESAC, Inc. has leveraged its expertise to meet challenges in health IT interoperability, standards, genomics and proteomics technologies, data coordination, big data integration and visualization, bioinformatics tools and algorithm development.

Healthcare IT


Scientific Subject Matter Expertise

Research Data Management

Our Clients

American Society of Clinical Oncology
National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research
Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Department of Health and Human Services
Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Georgetown University
Biomarker Strategies
Center for Bioinformatics
National Cancer Institute
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Helping make advances in technology make a difference in lives

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