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As electronic health records become the norm in the United States, enabling the adoption and utilization of electronic health data in settings ranging from hospitals to small-town doctors’ offices is a challenge. ESAC, Inc. has significant experience in data acquisition and management, systems development, and policy and standards setting for a wide array of electronic health data.

ESAC, Inc. provides support to our clients across a number of initiatives that are making the promise of EHRs a reality. ESAC, Inc. software engineers are developing systems that enable the meaningful use of EHRs for physicians and their patients. ESAC, Inc. subject matter experts are providing decision makers with the expertise needed to put the policies and practices in place that will lead to widespread adoption of EHRs to ultimately help improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of care.

  • Policy and Standards Development
  • Software Development and Systems Integration

Our other projects include:

  • Applying The Direct Project for the electronic submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) initiative.
  • Support the mission to develop a Rapid Learning System for the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) including business analysis expertise.

Related Projects:

ESAC's technical savvy and personable staff provides tremendous value to projects involving multi-center coordination and high dimensional data management. They merge a fundamental understanding of biology with expertise in data quality control and data security. Integrating all of these factors is key to delivering a secure and fast data portal for the scientific community.

Program Manager

ESAC continues to be an exceptional collaborator providing on-site contractors with both the expertise for building new tools and data integration platforms, and the subject matter expertise in the biosciences needed to manage projects and provide significant added value beyond the technology development.

Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics at Georgetown University Medical Center

We are quite impressed with not only by the technical skills provided by ESAC's software engineers but also by the depth and breadth of their subject matter experts who have provided guidance on standards and interoperability, quality assurance, and project management issues.


ESAC significantly improved the quality of bioinformatics applications of the NCI CBIIT program using industry best practices to ensure systems were validated both functionally and scientifically for use by the community.

Program Manager

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