April 6, 2020



Date: April 6, 2020


Contact: Eleni Z. Antoniou, ESAC, Inc.

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ROCKVILLE, MD, April 6, 2020 — ESAC, Inc. is pleased to announce the successful launch of the Proteomic Data Commons (PDC) within the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) on the domain on March 23, 2020.

According to ESAC Project Manager, Ratna Thangudu, Ph.D., “The PDC is a next-generation proteomic data repository within NCI’s CRDC that facilitates proteogenomics to revolutionize precision medicine.”

The PDC provides the largest collection of freely available cancer proteomic data on a highly scalable cloud-based infrastructure that facilitates bringing analysis tools to the data instead of the opposite. Whereas in the past, data sets have been analyzed with separate computational pipelines, the PDC harmonizes proteomic data with a common set of analytic pipelines to facilitate comparisons between different samples and cancer types.

The PDC makes it possible for any researcher to ask new and fundamental questions about cancer and provides much-needed tools to accelerate research and the development of personalized treatments for individual patients.  Cancer researchers can now easily access the multi-omics (proteomic, genomic, imaging, etc..) data from many sources across the CRDC’s virtual, expandable infrastructure, thus lowering the entry barrier for anyone who wants to get involved in integrative research.

According to Michael Holck, Vice President of Software Engineering at ESAC, the PDC is hosted within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud allowing for easy access anywhere in the world and provides extremely large scalability to accommodate large volumes of data and compute power for data analysis. The PDC Data Browser provides an easy to use user interface to query the available data. In addition, there are robust APIs available for bioinformaticians to use to access data programmatically.

“What this means is that from anywhere in the world PDC users can obtain the data they need as quickly and easily as they can stream a movie from Netflix,” he said.

“We are excited to support the Cancer Research Data Commons and the larger cancer research community with the first public release of the Proteomic Data Commons,” said ESAC President, Anand Basu. “We look forward to building upon this open science platform with input from data submitters and users in the coming months through new releases and much anticipated features in support of cancer proteogenomics research.”

This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Cancer
Institute, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Task Order
No. GS-35F-0539X/HHSN261201700175U.

ESAC, Inc. provides research data management, bioinformatics, and healthcare information technology solutions for government, commercial and academic clients. We are dedicated to improving human health and the healthcare experience worldwide through our expertise in life sciences, engineering, research, and medicine. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, we are committed to delivering advanced technological solutions and scientific expertise.

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ESAC continues to be an exceptional collaborator providing on-site contractors with both the expertise for building new tools and data integration platforms, and the subject matter expertise in the biosciences needed to manage projects and provide significant added value beyond the technology development.

Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics at Georgetown University Medical Center

ESAC significantly improved the quality of bioinformatics applications of the NCI CBIIT program using industry best practices to ensure systems were validated both functionally and scientifically for use by the community.

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ESAC's technical savvy and personable staff provides tremendous value to projects involving multi-center coordination and high dimensional data management. They merge a fundamental understanding of biology with expertise in data quality control and data security. Integrating all of these factors is key to delivering a secure and fast data portal for the scientific community.

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We are quite impressed with not only by the technical skills provided by ESAC's software engineers but also by the depth and breadth of their subject matter experts who have provided guidance on standards and interoperability, quality assurance, and project management issues.


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